Fact: The value of local people in placemaking

5 February 2013

The Glass-House Community Led Design presents Putting People in their
Place, a national debate series in partnership with The Academy of
Urbanism, aimed at getting people talking about placemaking. Bringing
together key speakers from the development, community and design
sectors, this year’s series hopes to discover what the real
priorities of placemaking are today in the UK.

Does involving local people in placemaking make good business sense?

5 February 2013, 6pm – 8pm (join us for refreshments at 5.30pm)

Join us in Liverpool on Tuesday 5 February, 6-8pm (from 5.30pm for
light refreshments) to share your thoughts and hear a range of
perspectives on the relationship between people, place and value.

Now more than ever before, community involvement and leadership in the
design and planning process is playing a fundamental role, and built
environmental professionals are considering how communities will shape
and influence their work.

How has the concept of value evolved in this environment of challenges
and transformation? How does the participation of local people in
placemaking bring value to a project? Does involving local people in
placemaking make good business sense?

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), 88 Wood Street,
Liverpool, L1 4DQ


Guy Butler, Projects Director, Grosvenor

Iona Horsburgh, Executive Director, FACT

Andrew Teage, Planning Director, BDP

Chair: Pam Alexander, Trustee, Design Council

More info: http://ghdebateliverpool-eorg.eventbrite.com/


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