FACT: The Room

the-room-410 February 2015

6.20pm and 9.10pm

£10 / £8 concs

He’s back! Tommy Wiseau is returning to Liverpool with his celebrated cult ‘masterpiece’ The Room.

The twelve year old picture is a truly communal piece of theatre, with fan interaction encouraged in a similar style to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  FACT are expecting fans to dress up as their favourite characters, come armed with plastic spoons to hurl at the screen, throw balls around the cinema midfilm and yell as their favourite characters appear.

Director Tommy Wiseau, who also produced, wrote and starred in the film, will be here to present the screenings and hold a signing session.


He will also show his first creative project since The Room, a TV pilot for new show The Neighbours which he also directs, writes and stars in, on the night.

Tickets are available at www.picturehouses.co.uk or by calling 0871 902 5737.


Read the (interactive) viewer’s guide to The Room.