FACT: Soviet Animation in 3D

Souvenir, Soviet Animation in 3D
Souvenir, Soviet Animation in 3D

5 October

12.00 – 13.30

From as early as the 1930s Soviet inventors developed pioneering stereoscopic projection, which was used to make several animated films, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its cinematic infrastructure in 1991 they have been gathering dust in the archive and rarely seen. The special projectors, screens and the system disappeared when the old movie theatres were refurbished and turned into multiplexes. Thankfully some of these gems have been digitally restored and we bring

you this rare programme starting with a colour fragment from the first stereoscopic film.

Curated by Birgit Beumers, Aberystwyth University and courtesy of the State Film Archive of Russia, Gosfilmofond; NIKFI (Moscow); Nuku-Film (Estonia), and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.