FACT – Promised Lands

Promised-LandsPromised Lands a metaphor for the migrant experience told through music, words, and images
30 January 2010, 8.30pm, FREE

As part of Liverpool’s city-wide Black Atlantic Season, FACT presents internationally-profiled sound artists Edward George and Anna Piva’s (Flow Motion) ongoing project Promised Lands. Told through songs and texts gathered from a multicultural archive, Promised Lands is a multi-media sound art performance that explores historical and contemporary accounts of migration.

Liverpool and the Black Atlantic is a series of exhibitions and events that explores connections between cultures and continents. Partners include Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Metal, Walker Art Gallery, International Slavery Museum and the University of Liverpool.

The songs and instrumental music have been collected from histories and cultures across the world, spanning a 400-year history of migration from the 1600s to the present day.  They include original textual material from the birth of English hymnody to the first documented African American slave songs, music created for Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Liner, for Harriet Tubman, for Leopold Senghor, for Liberia’s national anthem. The selection will include songs and instrumentals by Bob Marley, Albert Ayler, Sam Cooke, Mahalia Jackson, Rokia Traore, Barry Brown and the Abaqondisi Brothers.

The idea is to open doors to new narratives, forming unexpected connections, and making the Promised Lands experience a fascinating and unpredictable one.

With their project, Flow Motion transform the idea of the promised land from a geographical space of nation and region, singularity and sovereignty, into a collection of zones, located as much beneath as above the land, as present in the soul of the song as in the will of the state, and whose identities and locations shift and change over time.

Flow Motion propose a creative rethinking of the idea of the promised land, through which the mythologies and histories, tensions and contradictions are brought into play.

‘Promised Lands, we discovered, are haunted lands, haunted by the stories of other Promised Lands, haunted by the migrant, the displaced, the forcibly removed, the vanquished, and the past and place from which s/he is part and apart’.
Anna Piva and Eddie George, Flow Motion

Flow Motion have also created an image music and text based website at http://www.promisedlands.info, selecting from their vast collection of material to create one hundred textual narratives accompanied by visuals in the form of triptychs, and are currently working towards a touring installation.

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