FACT: Organic Cinema

ImageResizer.ashx25 July 2014 – 25 August 2014

Open Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm


Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being. However, their behaviour, and their very existence, constantly escapes human perception.  What if we could see and hear what plants and microorganisms “talk about”? What if we could pick up on their inaudible whispers and make them not only audible but also visible?

As part of our on-going EU project, Connecting Cities, World Wilder Lab (an artist collective based in London, Rotterdam and Rio de Janeiro) explore how the flora and fauna of the café at FACT reacts to input from their surroundings. Through visuals generated from real time data, and displayed on the digital screens next to The Box in the foyer, the collective aim to empower these organisms and give vegetation a voice.

This project was developed for FACT through workshops between the artists and Freehand Connects group.