Fact: Open Curate – The Stuff of Experience

Fact: Open Curate – The Stuff of Experience

24 April 2012

18:00 – 20:30


Media is moving beyond the screen and being used to shape, or curate, our
experience in new ways. This free seminar will involve presentations from three
practitioners who are engaged in working with media that is experiential, spatial
and material.

A d r i a n M c E w en

(DoES Liverpool) will be bringing along his Makerbot 3D printer
and giving us a brief introduction to a book he is writing called ‘The Internet of

G r eg  P o v ey

(Mudlark) will be talking about several Mudlark projects including
Chromaroma a game you can play using your London Metro Oyster card and
Derby 2061 a locative media story telling project.

J o n M o o r h o us e

(Constructive Thinking Studio and LJMU) will be introducing an
experimental exercise in participatory design for seminar attendees, talking about
his Chinese Whispers 3D design project, and presenting an iPad 3D application
he is involved in developing to facilitate spatial conversations between clients,
builders and architects.

L J M U   S pa t i a l  d e s i g n

students will be displaying their proposals for the FACT
building re-design based on ideas of openness and exchange.