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18 December 2009 – 17 February 2010 (Exhibition details)

Blast Theory: Rider Spoke
FACT, Weekends During the Exhibition Period, FREE

Rider Spoke is a work combining theatre with game play and state of the art
technology. Members are invited to cycle through the city, with handheld
computers, as they search for the hiding places of others. Before long, the
player is involved in an enthralling excursion – intertwining the public and
private sphere with hybrid social spaces.

Family Workshop:
Selection Box
The Box
Sunday 13 December
12.00am – 4.00pm, *drop-in any time during these hours

(for children aged between 5-12 years and their parent/guardian)
Followed by Family Fortunes between 4.00pm-5.00pm hosted by tenantspin. 
Come along to FACT for a cross generational ‘game off’ with your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and anyone else you want to challenge. Bring along your hand held games or take your pick from our selection box. Find out more about the next exhibition ‘Next Level’ and take this opportunity to meet some of the exhibiting artists.

Two Can Play That Game
The Box
Sunday 13 December
4.00pm – 5.00pm

Following on from an afternoon of family related games fun, tenantspin will be hosting an alternative twist on the popular TV game show Family Fortunes.  If you would like to book a family to participate please contact Laura Yates on 0151 7074407 or email laura.yates@fact.co.uk.

15 December

Our monthly music nights continue with a mix of fantastic musicians playing alongside regulars James Kelly, Stan Ambrose and The Choir. Join us in the Bar for free live music and great drinks offers. Keep checking the FACT website for the latest news on line-ups.

Breakfast With The Artists
18 December
10.30pm – 12.30pm
The Box
£4.00/£3.00 (concessions)

Join us for breakfast with a selection of the artists from the Space Invaders
exhibition. Riley Harmon, Michael Johansson, Yuichiro Katsumoto, and Anita
Fontaine will be in discussion with Neil Thompson, a specialist formerly of
Sony, now of Bizarre Creations.

A Meet and Greet With Bob Wakelin
13 January 2010
6.00 PM FREE

A Liverpool native, Bob Wakelin is responsible for some of the most
interesting video game art designs of the 1980s, notably the Imagine and
Ocean series covers. Come and meet Bob in the FACT bar, where you can
purchase signed posters by the artist, (or bring some of your own
memorabilia for signing), then head over to watch the fantastic documentary,
The King of Kong.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (Gordon, 2007) (CERT: PG)
13 January 2010, CC or The Box, 7.15pm
£4.00, £3.00 (Members/Concessions)

In the early 1980s, legendary Billy Mitchell set a Donkey Kong record that
stood for almost 25 years. This documentary follows the assault on the record
by Steve Wiebe, an earnest teacher from Washington who took up the game
while unemployed. Equally strange, and heart warming, King of Kong
presents us with a nail biting finale.

Retro Screening: The Wizard (Holland, 1989) (Cert: PG)
27 January 2010, The Box, 6.30pm
£4/3.00 (Members & Concessions)

The Wizard is an unadulterated road movie starring the iconic Fred Savage
from the Wonder Years and Luke Edwards, in a cross-country journey to win
the ultimate video game competition. Come dressed in your favourite retro tshirt,
and get your hands on our very own Power Glove, to celebrate all things

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine (Jayanti, 2003) (CERT: PG)
10 February 2010, The Box, 6.00pm
£4/3.00 (Members & Concessions)

Forget The Terminator, this documentary, charts the real-life battle between
man and machine, with little more than two bespectacled men staring at a
chessboard. Exploring the controversial match where world chess champion
Garry Kasparov lost to a computer. The screening will be followed by an
analysis from two chess experts, who will be dialoguing around the tactics,
and divulging gaming tricks.

16 February 2010
The Box, 5.00-10.00 PM, FREE

Come armed with your laptop in hand, and prepare to battle it out in a
rollicking LAN party. We will supply you with a local area network, pizzas, and
soda. The winner will walk away with a bag full of prizes, and the enviable

TRON (Lisberger, 1982) (Cert: PG)
17 February 2010, The Box, 5.00pm

£4/3.00 (Members & Concessions)
A cult classic, Disney’s Tron was one of the first films to take viewers into
virtual reality. Embracing retro video game imagery, and with a classic good
vs. evil storyline, the film is all around movie favourite. On the eve of the
sequel’s release, there is no better time to re-visit Tron.

Space Invaders Pub Quiz
19 January 2009
8.00-10.00pm, FREE

Come and test your video game knowledge, and win some fantastic prizes in
the process. Whether you just dabble in video game culture, or are a hardcore
fan, we invite you to come and battle it out in our popular pub quiz.

Promised Lands by Flow Motion
The Box
30 Jan, 8.30pm

Devised by internationally profiled artists Edward George and Anna Piva (Flow Motion), Promised Lands is a multi-disciplinary performance piece, expressed through music, words and triptych images. Exploring the term ‘promised land’, the work is a metaphor of the migrant experience, exploring the intersection of history, fantasy and mythology and spanning five continents, over five centuries. Followed by a Q&A with the artists.

Promised Lands is part of Liverpool and the Black Atlantic, a series of exhibitions and events that explores connections between cultures and continents. Partners include the Bluecoat, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Metal, Walker Art Gallery, International Slavery Museum and the University of Liverpool.

Chip Tune Samba Band
The Box
31 Jan, FREE

For children aged between 5-12 years and their parents/guardians. Book a place on this day-long workshop where you and your family can work with Pixelh8 to explore and experiment with electronic music. Bring along your Nintendo DS (or use one of ours) and be part of FACT’s first ever DS Band! Email anna.kronenburg@fact.co.uk Or call 0151 707 4417 to book

Gay Sunday
7 February 2010
From 2.00pm, FREE

Come and chill out with an afternoon tour of FACT’s exciting group show,
Space Invaders. Join the exhibition coordinator on a special visit through the
galleries, then grab a coffee, and discuss the issues and themes of the show.
There will be books, DVDs, and other prizes to be won, as well.
Book your place on the tour by emailing rsvp@fact.co.uk

Venue Details

Cao Fei – COSplayers (2004)


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