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imageFACT’s August Listings
Your diary of special events at FACT 



Bernie Lubell
A Theory of Entanglement
The Media Lounge becomes a magical workshop inspired by Bernie Lubell’s whimsical wood machines. FACT invites you to bring along your old cardboard boxes and make your very own flying flapping bird as part of the exhibition!

1 August at The Box
The Magnificent Revolution’s Cycle Powered Cinema
is the UK’s ONLY cycle powered cinema and it’s coming to FACT for the Summer Holiday. if you fancy a challenge and think you have the energy and determination to see the final credits, join us for a fun day of pedal powered pictures.

19 August, 2.00pm – 3.00pm at The Box
The Flat Pack

Are you a flatpacker? Our homes are filled with conveyor belt furniture assembled in five easy stages. Has convenience replaced craftsmanship in modern day life? As less and less schools offer woodwork and other skills based classes, we will be exploring the effect of the convenience economy on the development of society.

23 August, 11.00am – 4.00pm at Media Lounge
Family Workshop: Magical Motion-Picture Devices
(For children aged between 5-12 years and their parent/guardian. Pre-booking essential)
This workshop will enable participants to explore techniques used in early moving image and film development such as ?thumb cinema? or flip books, serial photographic images and mutoscopes.

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