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imageYour diary of exhibitions and special events in September at FACT
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‘Primitive’ – Apichatpong Weerasethakul
24 September – 29 November 
Gallery 1 & 2 
FREE Entry

FACT is delighted to present the UK premiere of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s new multi-platform media artwork Primitive. Commissioned by FACT in partnership with Haus der Kunst, Munich and Animate Projects, London, Primitive is a multiple- screen video installation, a music video, a short film for cinema, an online film and an artist’s book.

This will be the first solo exhibition in the UK by the Thai artist, which forms part of the AND Festival, Primitiveis set in Nabua in the Renu Nakhon district of Thailand, which suffered violent clashes between communist communities and the Thai military in the 1960’s. Communist suspects were brutally tortured during attacks and those who managed to escape fled to the jungle where they disappeared forever.

Nabua’s story undeniably has echoes with the current political turmoil in Thailand, as freedom of expression is still restricted and Thai security forces continue to engage in extrajudicial killings, torture and arbitrary arrests, with new cases of ‘enforced disappearances’ emerging during 2008.

The Primitive project is about re-imagining Nabua, a place where memories and ideologies have been extinguished. The video installation features the teenage male descendants of the communist farmers who were invited by Apichatpong to fabricate new memories in building a spaceship together in the rice fields. Used as a place to hang out, sleep and dream, the spaceship also takes on its own life in the landscape as young men are seen playfully attacking one another, instilling an atmosphere of both pleasure and violence. By giving us time and space to re-dream the past, Apichatpong askswhat can be learned to create a better future for the next generation.

Primitive was commissioned by Haus der Kunst, Munich with FACT and Animate Projects. Produced by Illuminations Films.

Apichatpong Master Class
24 September, 4.00pm
Screen 2
£7.00/£5.00 (Members & concs)
Drawing from his personal archive of film and photographs, Apichatpong will lead a masterclass in which a select audience will gain valuable insight into this acclaimed artist/filmmakers practice, through the making of the Primitive Project.

‘The Sound Before You Make It’ – Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey
24 September – 29 September, 10.00am-6.00pm  –
Media Lounge
FREE Entry

The Sound Before You Make It is a sculptural flipbook in which miniature zombies are brought to life through the flashing of a strobe light. Despite their animation, the zombies cannot roam free, but are cursed to a circle of repetition where the song never ends. The work utilises the technology of a 19th century optical toy, using the fantasy of Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller music video.

‘The Yes Men’ – FACT Flying Sculpture Hall and LJMU Art & Design Academy
24 September – 29 November 
FREE Entry

Considered among the most important political artists of the last decade, The Yes Men are a group of culture jamming activists who practice what they call ‘identity correction’. By posing as spokespersons for prominent organisations, the Yes Men create spoof websites and appear in conferences and TV shows to highlight how corporations and governments can act in dehumanising ways toward the public. Two of the Yes Men’s Halliburton SurvivaBalls have been commissioned for FACT’s Atrium to coincide with Keep It Slick: Infiltrating Capitalism with the Yes Men, on show at LJMU Art and Design Academy until 25 October. These mock survival suits are designed to protect corporate managers from natural disasters and cultural disturbances, ensuring the successful completion of corporate missions, even if human life is rendered impossible.  

Keep it Slick was organized by Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and Feldman Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Oregon.

The Liverpool Screen School Interactive Media department
20 – 27 September 
FACT Bar and Café
FREE Entry

The Liverpool Screen School’s Interactive Media department present produced by staff, undergraduate and post graduate students from the department.

For more information about the Liverpool Screen School Interactive Media department please see: www.ljmu.ac.uk/lss/imedia

Film programme:

Better Things (15)
28 September, 6.30pm
The Box
£4.00/£3.00 (Members & concs)

To compliment Duane Hopkins’ solo exhibition being shown at the Open Eye Gallery as part of Abandon Normal Devices, this is a special screening of the award-winning director’s debut feature film. Better Things, is a revealing and poetic portrait of rural England looking at love, life, loss and intoxication.

(Duane Hopkins exhibition SUNDAY is at the Open Eye Gallery from 23 September – 04 October 2009)

AND Festival – Engage:

Young Liverpool Film Night
26 September, 4.00pm
Screen 2

FACT presents Young Liverpool Film Night, a showcase of young film talent in the North West. This year it is part of AND festival and will include special screenings and presentations in reaction to the abandon normal devices theme.

For more information and to enter your film, download a submission form and guidelines by: visiting www.fact.co.uk, emailling caroline.smith@fact.co.uk or calling 0151 707 4444

The People Speak screening event
26 September, 2.00pm
The Box

In August, a collaboration between The People Speak, FACT and ARENA Housing turned an ordinary football kick about into a fantastic event bringing over 250 people together to experience local football like you’ve never seen it before! Documented by young people who attended workshops in football commentary, the video captures the spectacle of the live video projection, TV style graphics, goal effects, scoreboard and action replays, ensuring an active screening event in the Box for AND.

Community Film Night Special
27 September, 12.00pm
FACT Screen 3
will be hosting a midday session of locally focused film and discussion during AND with a special incarnation of its popular Community Film Night. tenantspin is a Liverpool based Community TV Channel, managed by FACT, city-wide tenants and Arena Housing. Community Film Night was conceived to create a platform to showcase films of historical and social importance, with a strong community flavour. Previous screenings have included work by Peter Leeson and Nick Broomfield, plus Paul Barber’s groundbreaking performance in Granada TV drama Lucky.

‘War Veteran Vehicle’ – Krzysztof Wodiczko
23 September – 27 September, 7.00pm – 10.30pm FREE

Several sites in Liverpool City Centre, meet 6.45pm FACT Foyer
War Veteran Vehicle is continuing Krzysztof Wodiczko’s interest in the situation of soldiers who fought during recent armed conflicts and who are returning to civilian life. For the proposed project in Liverpool, Wodiczko’s has been working with people from the Northwest who have experienced active duty in the armed forces. His ambition of which is to foster a better understanding of the impact of combat on veterans and their families with the hope of lessening the isolation of those now struggling with the aftermath of combat and to help with the difficult process of social reintegration.  

This will be the first time Wodiczko has shown work in the UK since the 1980s and he is renowned internationally for his socially engaged and politically charged work employing large-scale slide and video projections.

POLSKA! YEAR www.PolskaYear.pl
Logo: Adam Mickiewitz Institute, Polish Cultural Institute, Polska Year, UCLAN

AND Festival – Films:

Intro to Film Programme
AND presents a mouth-watering selection of Northwest premieres, mixing special previews of films that you can see here first and discoveries where the festival offers your one chance to catch them on the big screen.  From imaginative use of archive material to marauding zombies, stand-up comedians to vengeful women, expect outsiders and troublemakers, bodies and philosophy, and plenty to discuss in the bar afterward.  Filmmaker guests will be announced at www.andfestival.org.uk

Opening Night film: Humpday
23 September, 8.00pm
Dir: Lynn Shelton / USA/ 94mins
Screen 1

Lynn Shelton’s Sundance hit is a wildly funny and daring take on the thirtysomething buddy movie. Ben (Mark Duplass) is just settling into married life with Anna (Alycia Delmore), when he falls back in with old friend Andrew (Joshua Leonard) and his bohemian, sexually experimental party crowd. Can Anna and Ben’s marriage survive the “art project” which Ben and Andrew dream up together – a project that takes male bonding to its ultimate extreme?

Katalin Varga
24 September,12.00pm
Dir: Peter Strickland / Romania, UK, Hungary / 82mins
Screen 3

A startling breakthrough for new British talent Peter Strickland, Katalin Varga follows the journey of Katalin, a woman who crosses borders of landscape, sex and morality in her matter-of-fact quest for vengeance. With an earthy palette and cold eye on the Romanian countryside, this is a film with dirt under its fingernails, and a female character that will not be forgotten.

The Yes Men Fix The World
24 September, 2.00pm
Dir: Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno / USA, France / 83 mins
The Box

Troublemaking duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, posing as their industrious alter-egos, expose the people profiting from Hurricane Katrina, the faces behind the environmental disaster in Bhopal, and other shocking events. Playing to accompany the Yes Men exhibition – see page XX

24 September, 2.10pm
Dir: Lisandro Alonso/ Argentina/France/Netherlands/Spain/Germany / 84 mins
Screen 3

This is not a film about Liverpool. It is however the most mesmeric piece of cinema you will see this year. Our nameless hero takes shore-leave from his freighter to pay a visit to his family in rural Argentina. With the bare bones of this experience as a starting point, Liverpool is more about a mood than a story, and marks Alonso as a filmmaker in total control of his craft. Not much happens. It’s amazing.

24 September, 4.00pm
Dir: Alicia Scherson / Country / 104 mins
The Box

On route to a romantic holiday, a couple has a row. He leaves her on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. So starts Carla’s odyssey into the unfamiliar Chilean jungle, where, accompanied by a young backpacker who may not be all he seems, life decisions come into focus. This is an offbeat and witty drama, where nature is rendered magnificent by former botanist Scherson.

24 September, 6.00pm
Dir: Yang Ik-joon / South Korea / 130 mins
Screen 1

Not for the lighthearted, this Korean gangster film exists in an unapologetic vortex of unrelenting violence. Sang-Hoon (played by Yang Ik-joon) is a debt collector and goon for hire. Yeon-Hue is a schoolgirl with a self-destructive family. As two very damaged people collide, a surprisingly moving film emerges. Expect to be kicked in the head and then punched in the heart!

Crying With Laughter
24 September, 8.45pm
Dir: Justin Molotniktov / UK / 93 mins
Screen 1

Joey Fisk is a stand up comedian who doesn’t know when to stop. With an edgy line in humour that always oversteps the line, an appearance from an old school friend with hidden motives means that this time he might never go back. Stephen McCole’s central performance in this Edinburgh-based thriller is an awesome act, and the film maintains menace and edge throughout, while still being deeply, blackly and laugh-out-loud funny.

Follow The Master
25 September, 12.00pm
Dir: Matt Hulse / UK / 75 mins
Screen 3

For his debut feature, experimental filmmaker Matt Hulse has created a kaleidoscopic personal documentary. Following the death of his grandfather, Hulse sets out on an offbeat pilgrimage, walking the 100-Mile South Downs Way with his girlfriend, dog and a bag full of Union Jack cocktail sticks.  Mixing voiceover, Super-8 footage, postcards, and air drumming, what emerges is a highly distinctive take on death and rambling.

The Kreutzer Sonata
25 September, 2.10pm
Dir: Bernard Rose / USA / 99mins
Screen 3

Danny Huston sits on the bed, blood on his hands and calls an ambulance. From the opening scene it is clear that something very bad is going to happen. Spiraling round the epic themes of sexual possession and jealousy with a closeness and unease that only extremely good digital filmmaking can engender, Bernard Rose offers a follow up to Ivans xtc. that continues to push the envelope. It may be a modern adaptation of Tolstoy, but the worst urges of men remain undiminished.

25 September, 4.00pm
Dir: Nic Roeg / UK, Ireland, Canada / 120 mins
The Box

A film with a strange pulse. Nic Roeg’s most recent feature, based on Fay Weldon’s novel, is a visceral take on foetal desire. Young architect … moves to the country
Rita Tushingham Woozy rush of white magic, biological waywardness and a cryptic cameo from Donald Sutherland as … philosophical mentor.

The Headless Woman
25 September, 4.10pm
Dir: Lucrecia Martel / Argentina, France, Italy, Spain / 87mins
Screen 2

A mysterious and intriguing tale of a woman who thinks she has killed someone or something while driving on dirt road. Dazed and confused, she tries to piece together what happened, while her husband systematically tries to erase her tracks. From the acclaimed director of “The Holy Girl,” Lucrecia Martel’s third feature explores the intricacies of class in a male dominated society

25 September, 8.00pm
Dir: Bruce McDonald / Canada / 96mins
Screen 1

Latenight DJ Grant Mazzy has seen better days. A former shock jock relegated to the smalltown airwaves, the whiskey can’t take the edge off the humiliation of bogus weather reports and interviewing the local amateur dramatics society. Cue: zombies!  Bruce McDonald delivers a sophisticated and blackly funny Abandon Normal Devices twist on the genre that still offers a satisfying splatter of gore.

Mock Up On Mu
25 September, midnight
Dir: Craig Baldwin / USA / 114 mins
Screen 1

A Midnight Movie,
A radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western, and horror genres, Mock Up On Mu cobbles together a feature-length “collage-narrative” based on (mostly) true stories of California’s post-War sub-cultures of rocket pioneers, alternative religions, and Beat lifestyles. Pulp-serial snippets, industrial-film imagery, and B- fiction clips are intercut with newly shot live-action material, powering a playful, allegorical trajectory through the mythic occult matrix of Jack Parsons, Ron L Hubbard and Marjorie Cameron.  Surreal and psychedielic this is a farcical trip into space

Goodbye Solo
26 September, 12.10pm
Dir: Ramin Bahrani / USA / 91 mins
Screen 3

A Senagalese taxi driver meets a suicidal red head on the lonely roads of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The two men forge an improbable friendship that will change both of their lives forever. One man’s American dream is just beginning, while the other’s is quickly winding down. But despite their differences, both men soon realize they need each other more than either is willing to admit.

Mary and Max
26 September, 2.10pm
Dir: Adam Elliot / Australia / 92mins
Screen 2

Animation for adults, featuring two misfits Amelie.
From the Oscar-winning director of Harvey Crumpet, this 3-D animation is a tale of two outsiders Max and Mary that captures a sense of a life trapped by rules, both externally imposed and of their own making. The film, which gives a depiction of Asperger’s laden with black humour, and muted and mulchy colour pallet, is a really moving experience that creeps over time, and resonates beyond …

The Market (Pazar – Bir ticaret masali) (CTBA)
26 September, 6.00pm
Dir Ben Hopkins / Germany, Turkey, UK, Kazakhstan / 93mins
Screen 2

Tayanç Ayaydin, Genco Erkal, Senay Aydin
One of the UK’s finest young directors, Hopkins (37 Uses For A Dead Sheep) has set his latest film in Turkey, turning a blackly humorous eye to a simple tale of border-crossing trade. Mihram (Ayaydin) is a young man keen to legitimise his life by entering the profitable cell phone business. Trouble comes when temptation for further profit arrives and Mihram faces a system where all the odds are stacked against him.

Memories of Angels
27 September, 2.00pm
Dir: Luc Bourdon / Canada / 80mins
The Box

The most purely pleasurable film of the festival, Memories of Angels is a poetic city portrait of Montreal in the 1950s and 1960s. A digital kaleidoscope of vintage footage, the film offers fans of Of Time And The City a new dose of archive wonder. A paean to a city, an era, and the endurance of cinema, the stream-of-consciousness editing suggests Bourdon has somehow dreamt the film we saw before us.  Treat yourself.

Examined Life
27 September, 5.10pm
Dir: Astra Taylor / Canada / 87mins
Screen 1

Eight contemporary philosophers. Ten minutes each. This is theory for busy bees. A fascinating and generous documentary from Astra Taylor, Examined Life features Peter Singer pounding New York streets talking about ethics, Judith Butler discussing disability in thrift store, and AND favourite Slavoj Zizek traipsing round a rubbish tip to discuss our unconscious fears. Bound to delight the thinkers of Liverpool!

Be Good (Sois Sage)
27 September, 7.10pm
Dir: Juliette Garcias / France, Denmark / 90mins
Screen 1

Ladies and gentlemen, a new talent has arrived. In her debut feature, Juliette Garcias delivers an incredibly tactile thriller to get your cinematic senses tingling. Eve is the new girl in town with an unhealthy obsession with a local family. Played with eerie intensity by Anaïs Demoustier, Be Good keeps you constantly guessing on Eve’s intentions, as suspense turns to a palpable dread. Unmissable.

AND Festival – Films Shorts:

AND Shorts 1 + AND Shorts 2
Two programmes of short films that throw caution to the wind.  Including dramas, animations and artists using unconventional techniques, here filmmakers present playful and provocative visions of the world and our bodies within it.  From DIY hang gliding to washing machine fetishists, and formal explorations of digital code, these are mini mind-adventures for curious souls.  See website for full line-up.

Anger is an Energy
26 September, 12.00pm
The Box

Featuring distinctive auteur short videos that use seemingly simple devices, relationships between people, memory and place. The title celebrates anger derived through dissatisfaction with old regimes and dystopian histories signposting a need for change. With Christian Marclay, Louise Forshaw, Paolo Canevari, Minouk Lim, Nizar Jabour and Alain Resnais.

AND Shorts Phil Collins + Arena: Saint Genet
zasto ne govorim srpski (na srpskom) (Why I Don’t Speak Serbian (in Serbian)

Phil Collins’ film avoids heavy-handed political messages in favour of intimate, vulnerable portrayals of individuals within a community. A masterfully crafted film.
zasto ne govorim srpski (na srpskom) is set amidst the political turmoil in Kosovo and its struggle for independence. Using the community’s complicated relationship with the Serbo-Croat language as a reflection of its ambivalence toward its history and identity, Collins records testimonies by a number of contributors – from politicians, intellectuals and public figures to ordinary people – recounting in Serbo-Croat the reasons why they no longer speak the language.

Phil Collins will discuss the film before introducing the Arena documentary on poet, thief and troublemaker extraordinaire Jean Genet.

AND Festival – Films Events:

Nic Roeg in conversation with Don Boyd
25 September, 6.00pm-8.00pm
Screen 2

As one of the work With Nic’s it might be interesting to emphasise some of his thinking around surveillance culture and the gaze, and how this thinking relates to his work. As someone who has strong thoughts on this topic, and whose work has consistently pushed audiences to question accepted positions (as viewers, as bodies, as citizens).

Ken Russell in conversation with Don Boyd
27 September, 2.00pm- 3.30pm
Screen 2

As a maverick of cinema, Ken Russell has composed a career breaking new ground, marrying aesthetics to an unbridled imagination, and tackling sex and religion with a vision that is distinct, direct and often spectacular. Recently Russell has focused his creative energies on making short films using digital cameras.

AND Festival – Events/Workshops:

Hide and Seek
24 September, 6.00pm – 9.00pm  FREE
book a place at hello@andfestival.org.uk

“Playmakers” is a new social game brought to us by Sandpit, a collective of players, artists and game designers. Participants will be set the challenge of a film hide and seek exercise and a mixture of Sandpit’s usual pervasive, social and traditional games including Moveyhouse, a cinematic adventure inspired by a legendary ‘happening’ in 1960s New York.

The Sandpit Tour is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Whole Body Interaction Workshop
25 September, 12.00pm – 4.00pm  FREE

book a place at hello@andfestival.org.uk
LJMU’s research into Human Computer Interaction continues as they welcome artists to engage with technology developed for wirelessly capturing body motion. A useful tool for VJ’s. and dancers to creatively feedback, alter music or dance to, Professor David England will give a hands-on workshop in motion capture and participants will learn how to use these exciting tools.

Blast Theory
25 September, 5.00pm -9.00pm  FREE
FACT Foyer

book a place at hello@andfestival.org.uk
Catch an early demo version of Blast Theory’s Rider Spoke game and feed into its development process, which continues their fascination with how games and new communication technologies are creating hybrid social spaces. Participants must be willing to cycle at night, through the city, for a personal and scenic form of participation.

Claudio Rivera-Seguel
26 September, 1.00pm – 4.00pm  FREE

book a place at hello@andfestival.org.uk
Soon telepresence communication systems will be incorporated within everyday life, a phenomena which will dramatically transform how we communicate and experience remote environments. This workshop aims to create stimulating interaction and discussion around Immersive Telepresence introducing participants to some of the basics of real-time broadcasting and recording techniques in low and high definition streaming and offering the opportunity to become an active participant in a live-performance with artists from Chile and Canada, which aims to promote the web-base relational art project called Bypass2010. www.bypass2010.org

Book Online www.andfestival.org.uk

All film screenings/masterclasses are standard ticket prices of:
On Peak £7.00/5.00/ Off Peak £6.00/4.50
Available from the FACT box office or online at

Free workshops/performances can be booked through hello@andfestival.org.uk
or through the FACT box office this includes numbers are limited Hide and Seek, Whole Body Interaction, Claudio Rivera- Seguel, Blast Theory, The Yes Men

Festival Passes can be booked through www.andfestival.org.uk
£35 = 10 events (film and masterclasses) £20 = 6 events (film, workshop or masterclass)

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