Superhammer - Andrew Goodman
Superhammer – Andrew Goodman

Sat 5 October

11.00 – 18.00

FACT and surrounding areas

The AND Fair is inspired by the World’s Fairs of old, where inventors could showcase new technological discoveries and scientific inventions. With projects toying with optical illusions, flying machines, biological probes and computer algorithms, the Fair is an opportunity to get up close and personal with emerging and primitive forms of technology alike.

Some of the projects showcased are prototypes inviting you to test and contribute to their evolution, others are like industrial fables, asking you to imagine – what if this was possible?

Featuring Matthew Plummer- Fernandez’s stunning digital glitch sculptures; Philipp Ronnenberg’s devices to countermeasure cybercrime using a single switch; the EYEsect instrument, which extends the boundaries of human visual perception devised by The Constitute and WorldWiderWeb’s Organic Cinema which asks what could we hear if plants and microorganisms talked?


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