Exchange Court: 10,000 HRS

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 22.56.5221 – 28 May 2014


Private View: 18.00 23 May

10,000 HRS is a group of fine art graduate artists from Liverpool Hope University, who are launching an exhibition of original work in Exchange Court.

This will be the second exhibition by this collective of young artists, bringing together over 38 works, ranging from sculpture, painting, video and interactive installations. The exhibition at Exchange Court will be an opportunity to view the unique works by these graduate artists before their final degree show.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 book “Outliers” he explains high levels of success in certain individuals as a result of undertaking 10,000 hours of practice in their chosen fields. In response to this idea the exhibition will take the form of a collection of disparate works that are unified by their desire to achieve post collegiate legitimacy, in an unforgiving professional and creative climate. The exhibition’s situation within an office space and proximity to Liverpool’s financial sector will reflect the tension between commercial and creative ideals of validation.


The group consists of a number of artists working in a diverse range of media and conceptual concerns:- Emma Ashley’s cement work explores the relationship between materials and abstract sculptural forms. Her practice challenges notions of weightlessness and gravity through the utilization of contradictory materials and spatial tension.

Matthew Bailey deals with notions of self, his work reflects on our physical presence in space through creating audio and architectural constructs. Through the use of contact microphones, speaker systems, string and reflective surfaces these spaces become ‘live’, allowing for interactive and immersive states.

Dan Mahony’s work is concerned with portraying the paradoxical tension that is at the heart of the violent act, via the mediums of video and sound. His work combines a grotesque atmosphere of violence with absurd or humorous imagery to highlight the interchangeable nature of both aspects.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of workshops and discussions

Exchange Court, 1 Dale Street, Liverpool