Exchange Court: 10000 Hrs Panel Discussion

Screen-Shot-2014-05-06-at-22.56.52-300x12621 May 2014



As part of the program of events surrounding the exhibition, 10,000 HRS will be hosting a panel discussion chaired by 10000Hours member Dan Mahony, discussing what it means to be an art graduate in Liverpool’s contemporary art scene.

The Panel will include;

Rosie Cooper, Project Curator at Liverpool Biennial,

Bryan Briggs, Artistic Director of the Bluecoat.

Frances Disley Bluecoat Print Studio Manager,

Mike Aitken, Director at The Royal Standard

Joe Orr from artist run space Cactus

The aim of the discussion is to create an environment where some of the biggest arts institutions in Liverpool can meet with graduates and grass roots organisations to network, communicate and collaborate in an effort to improve the creative and professional climate for
early career artists in Liverpool.


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