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Eggspace – Winter Blues 5

WB5-webWinter Blues 5
3 December 2010 – 16 January 2011

Winter blues is now in it’s fifth year! Each year has been a successful exhibition in the run up to Christmas, consisting of work by many artists from around Liverpool and beyond.

This year will be no exception, with an exhibition of work by nearly forty artists. the egg promises to be filled with exciting and affordable artwork in a range of different media, so why not come along & pick up a unique christmas gift for someone special!

Marad Abuleela, AllOfUsAreLost, Katrina Avotina, Caroline Backhouse, Paulina Balicka, Jason Bold, Sharifa Brooks Read, John Chatterton, May Chong, Sarah Cox, Andy Crombie, Anna Di Scala, Garry Dobson, Anton Dolders, Helene Dougherty, Paul Francis, Gordon Fraser, Sebastian Gahan, Consuelo Giorgi, Caroline Gower, Valerie Griffiths, Shira Gutgold, Barbara  Harrison, Karl Harry, Lisa Huntzinger, Hassan Ismail, Nick Jones, Tifany Kendall, Jiri “Zir” Krmela, Craig Magee, Tommy McHugh, Chris Mills, Louise Pallister, Leah Richards, Billy Ryan, Sue Skitt, Jazamin Sinclair, David Symonds, Zephyrbaby

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