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Eggspace – HeadSpace’s 5th Birthday Exhibition

imageHeadSpace’s 5th Birthday Exhibition
23 July – 15 August 2010
22nd July is Headspace’s 5 years old birthday.  To celebrate this, Eggspace is hosting HeadSpace’s 5th birthday exhibition! The exhibition features work by artists who have exhibited during the last 5 years.

Featured artists include:
Aphrodite Art
Marad Abuleela
Gillian Adams
Tony Bishop
Lucy Browne
May Chong
Jo Derbyshire
Paul R Francis
Lisa Freeman
Mikey Gannon
Sophie Green
Barbara Harrison
Denise Harry
Ethel Harry
Karl Harry
Ashlea Haynes
Karen Henley
Nick Jones
Tifany Kendall
Mark Peachey
Lucy Ridges
Mr Royale
Carolyn Sinclair
Jazamin Sinclair
Jackie Stevens

Venue Details

Allofusarelost ‘Egg Force 5’, Acrylic On Paper