Egg – The World in One City

image‘The World in One City’
Exhibition May 1 to May 26 2008

Showcasing typographic & illustrative posters based on the lyrics of songs with cities in their titles. Each artist designed one or more posters based on the lyrics of their chosen song.



Organised by Dave Talavera & Peter Rafferty; Assisted by HeadSpace.


Opening Night: 1st May 2008; 7pm onwards. Entrance: £2.00; Includes complimentary wine & food.

Artists involved:
Julie Anderson; Vitor Azevedo; Callum Bain; Jo Bywater; Anita Cunningham; Rich Di Blasi; Colin Farrell; Pete Formela; Alex Glenn; Karen Henley; Pam Holstein; Toby Hopper; Patrick Kirwan; Alice Lenkiewicz; Eileen McChrystali; Stu Paciej; Kate Payne; Nick Pike; Janine Pinion; Helen Quinn; Peter Rafferty; Lauren Reis; Alice Jane Roberts; Nick Saunders; Jazamin Sinclair; Gala Slater; Jon Stevens; Dave Talavera; Chris Taylor; Gali Timen; Gemma Williams; James Winstanley & Natalie.