Editions – The Liverpool Open 2011


The Liverpool Open Exhibition 2011 at Editions Ltd. 7 April – 7 May 2011. After a very successful first open exhibition that led to a hugely popular merseywide exhibition, Editions is very pleased to be hosting and collaborating with Loaca Art to bring you the second Liverpool Open Arts exhibition.

Featuring a wide range of style, sizes and artists, we have tried to make this, as inclusive a show as possible, with limited edition prints and paintings from some of the most interesting artists working in and around Liverpool.
The quality and range of work is even more impressive than last year, from both artists we know and artists whose work is
new to us. This is a wonderful opportunity to see work from so many contributors in one space and we intend to squeeze in as much as we can on our ground floor space. The artists and works are too numerous to list and the invitation gives just a
flavour of the pieces that will be displayed. Most of the work will be available to purchase and as well as featuring a variety
of media there is also a range of prices from small prints to large scale originals.
We hope you will join us on what promises to be a very exciting event.

Venue Details