Editions – ‘Pool of Life’ by John Minnion

image ‘Pool of Life’ by John Minnion
17th March – 10th April 2008

140 witty caricatures with fascinating biographies of people who have shaped Liverpool since its foundation 800 years ago. Originals and prints of the caricatures from Pool of Life



Caricatures of some of Liverpool’s greatest – from King John, William Roscoe, Kitty Wilkinson and the Rathbones to Bessie Braddock, John Peel, Dixie Dean and Bill Shankly. Poets, musicians, architects, sports stars, scientists, writers, bishops, actors, comedians and a horse – all captured in John Minnion’s distinctive black-and-white pen and ink style.

This exhibition launches John Minnion’s book POOL OF LIFE, the story of Liverpool – from King John’s charter to the Year of Culture – through the lives and work of 150 individual personalities who have shaped, or been shaped by, the city.

Originals and prints of the caricatures from Pool of Life.

Before moving to Liverpool in 2001, John Minnion worked for many years in London as an illustrator of magazines and newspapers, in particular New Statesman, The Listener and especially the Times. In Liverpool he has concentrated on producing and publishing a series of illustrated books. This is his fourth. Others include Glued to the Gogglebox – scenes from 50 years of British TV, with text by Lynne Truss – and Hitler’s List, a guide to those talented people who were branded ‘degenerate’ and persecuted by the Nazis.

‘John Minnion’s wonderful flowing pen and ink drawings cause these larger-than-life personalities to breathe again in the most beguiling manner’
Peter Elson Liverpool Daily Post


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