Editions – Pauline Hughes Ceramics

imagePauline Hughes Ceramics. Exhibition 20 October – 1 November 2008
For the first time Hughes will be showing both wall based ceramic work alongside her sculptures to illustrate her use of clay to both build with and draw on.


imageI have been working with clay and building up my own unique style of art work for over twenty years. My work is shown in a handful of carefully selected galleries in the U.K. and exhibited internationally in Chicago, New York, Amsterdam. The exhibition at Editions is an exciting opportunity for me to show in my home town where I live and work in the midst of the 08 celebrations. Here, for the first time I will be showing both my wall based ceramic work alongside my sculptures to illustrate how I use clay to both build with and draw on.

Clay is a generous and sensuous material to work with and is perfect for me to create my voluptuous figurative sculpture. As far as I possibly can I attempt to retain the clays earthy, tactile qualities that helps give my sculptures a timeless quality. Their contemplative, watchful faces add further to this feeling.

 In contrast my wall based work is very graphic. I use a ‘sgraffito’ technique which involves scratching into the ceramic surface with a scribe to reveal a contrasting layer of colour underneath. The link between the two is the central theme of the figure and its expression through clay. I build every piece meticulously by hand so that through this intimate process each piece develops its own distinct character. For further information please visit my web site at www.paulinehughesceramics.com