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Trees-Rookery-Oak_100Brenda Harthill RE
11 September – 3 October 2009
Colourful, lively collagraphed prints by Brenda Harthill RE.

Born in London, Brenda Hartill’s family emigrated to New Zealand with in the late 1950’s, graduating FA honours at the University of Auckland 1964. She returned to London in the late sixties, on a NZ Arts Council grant to study at the Central School of Art and Design. After winning a UK Arts Council award she then worked as a theatrical designer for 10 years in London, the UK, and USA. In the early eighties, she turned towards printmaking and after 30 years working in London and has recently set up a studio Sussex.

Brenda Hartill’s main love is abstracting the essence of the landscape, in richly coloured textured works, often enhanced with silver and gold leaf. Her recent work is a series of collagraphs with energy, heat and coolness as a theme. Her early New Zealand experiences lead to an on-going fascination with the power of the earth: earthquakes, volcanoes, geology, erosion, as well as weather patterns, global warming, natural textures and universal forms, leading to her current images.  She is best known for her embossed abstract collagraphs and etchings, as well as her collages and mixed media works, but occasionally returns to more representational imagery.

She has written a book, published by AC Black in 2004: “Collagraphs and Mixed Media Printmaking, now in it’s third print run.

She is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (R E), showing regularly in London at the Bankside Gallery, and the New Academy Gallery, and shows in many galleries countrywide including Cambridge, Swansea, York, Rye, Inverness, Hastings, Rochester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Stratford, Cironcester & Oxford, as well as galleries in Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

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