Editions – Ackroyd, Hicklin & Tucker

norman-ackroyd imageNorman Ackroyd, Jason Hicklin and Alistair Tucker
Exhibition April 11 to May 10 2008

Three of the country’s most accomplished printmakers.

Norman Ackroyd
One of Britain’s most famous contemporary printmakers,
Norman Ackroyd studied at Leeds College of Art from 1956
to 1961, and subsequently at the Royal College of Art,
London, from 1961 to 1964. He is more recently known for
his masterful monochrome landscapes, where his technique
seems to adapt to the subject matter producing distinctive
atmospheric works.

norman ackroyd image

Jason Hicklin
Jason graduated from St Martin’s in 1988 and the Central
School of Art in 1993. He was elected a member of the Royal
Society of Painters and Printmakers in 1993, and holds the
position of Royal Engraver. Jason’s etchings are based on and
inspired by the rugged landscape and weather of the British

Alistair Tucker
Alistair’s work is based upon the British landscape – En plein
air, its shape and form and the effects of the weather and
light upon it. “My aim when working back in the studio is to
preserve the frisson of the first encounter, to try and capture
the timeless nature of a place, the presence and essence or
what Paul Nash called the “genius loci”, hopefully without
slavish verisimilitude.”

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