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Exhibition ImageUN-MADE – The Art Organisation (TAO)
All TAO Venues
20.09.2008 – 5.10.2008

This year’s theme for the Liverpool Biennial 2008 is ‘MADE UP’. In response, TAO Liverpool will launch with UN-MADE, a two-week exploration of the actual process of creating and presenting new work.

This is a reaction to the pre-planned, pre-designed, clinical method of showing artwork in a conventional gallery formula.

On the 20th September TAO Liverpool will unlock six of its buildings to artists and the public as empty spaces. Selected artists will react to these bare shells with the challenge of publicly manifesting their creations within a brief window of two weeks.

Any visitor will have the opportunity to see the process and progress of the developing works, leading up to the public view on the 2nd October at 5.55pm until 10.01pm. This marks the beginning of the UN-MADE festival weekend and continues over the 3rd, 4th & 5th October. For more details check out www.taoliverpool.co.uk