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International Gallery – Blink Unblink

blink-unblink-100Independents-short-100 Blink Unblink
7 – 23 October 2010

Enter the mysterious world created by emerging artists Kirsty E Smith and Olwen Holland. Smith and Holland transform the International Gallery into a sensory delight. Expect the unexpected.

Kirsty E. Smith makes sculptural works in response to her ongoing fascination with her surroundings, the domestic in particular. Her intention is to create work which resonates on a deeply emotive level and which acts as a vehicle to reconnect with a “place” or memory deep in our subconscious.

She is an experimenter and innovator who delights in working with a vast array of materials; juxtaposing the ordinary and luxurious, the cheap and expensive, the reclaimed and recycled. Smith’s abilities to transform these into surreal sculptural forms all contribute to a rich and complex body of work.

Her sculptures are vessels which hold and suggest many ideas simultaneously and it is quite possible to believe that Smith’s sculptures have an unseen life of their own.

Olwen Holland is a talented artist working with photography and sound. She is currently studying for an MA in photography at London College of Communication.  She is currently studying for an MA in photography at London College of Communication. Enter the mysterious world created by Olwen Holland and Kirsty E Smith.

Using photography and mixed media sculpture these prizewinning artists transport you to an alternative time and place.

Surreal and uncanny narratives unfold.

Blink UnBlink is part of S.Q.U.A.T. Liverpool a Liverpool Biennial show curated by Gregory Scott-Gurner and Asher Remy-Toledo.

Also part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.

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