The Watson Building – “The Other Shanghai” by Ant-e-Art

Shanghai-French-Concession-100“The Other Shanghai” by Ant-e-Art
14 February – 25 April 2011

An exhibition exploring the “Other” Shanghai by Merseyside based photography duo Ant-e-Art, will be on display on Renshaw Street. This unique collection of images aims to give the viewer an  insight into the parts of the city not frequented by or shown to visitors or  the media during  the World Expo 2010. The  exhibition can be viewed in the windows of the Watson Building  (ex- Lewis’s).
Ant-e-Art, made up of Paul Wicker and Africa Bocos, visited Shanghai before the  World Expo last year and were struck by the rich and diverse street culture of  the city, and the strong links between it and it’s former colonisers. 

Paradoxically, the idiosyncrasy of any city is at risk of vanishing among the  lights and glamour, marketing and publicity that often accompany the organisation of a big event. Shanghai, the financial capital of China where Expo 2010 was held, is no exception. “The Other Shanghai” is a portrait of life  in Shanghai and how this is lived outside the Expo precinct. It is a photographic attempt to keep alive and display some of the other Shanghainese  culture and behaviour for everybody’s eyes, from returning “Expo-only-visitors”  to “all-year-round” tourists in Liverpool, locals and anyone interested in  cultures from all over the globe. In short, a photo-story that brings the  different cultures of Shanghai and Liverpool closer together.

The artists discuss how the exhibition came about:
“The Other Shanghai’ started in Yue Yang road, when after taking photos of a dressed up mannequin against a graffiti wall, we attempted to have a drink in  the pub across the road. It was only when we noticed the “sorry-we-are-closed”  sign hanging off the window that we came across the name of the place: Abbey  Road Pub. As both artists and adopted “Liverpudlians”, aware of the historical  links between Liverpool and Shanghai, we felt the need to tell a story about  some aspects of Shanghai’s idiosyncrasy through the lens. The aim was to  complement the views and impressions of Shanghai that the public would get  through all the marketing and publicity displayed as part of Expo 2010.

“The Other Shanghai” is dedicated to aimless wanderers, to those who observe,  reflect and get easily entangled with what other cultures have to offer.”

Please call 0845 017 6660 or email for more information.

This project has been generously support by Liverpool City Council’s Shops
Upfront Project, and the property was kindly supplied by Merepark.

Ant-e-Art ‘Chenghaung Miao Old City’


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