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Towering_aboveUrban Detail – Jackie Stevens
15 November 2010 – 21 January 2011
is delighted to host an exhibition of work by Liverpool based photographer Jackie Stevens, exploring the architecture of cities around the world. These bold, graphic images put the buildings of Liverpool into an international context, giving the viewer an insight into the tiniest unseen or unnoticed architectural detail, alongside vast iconic skylines.

By day, Jackie Stevens is a graphic designer and editor. Her love of photography, especially images of architecture, was re-ignited after a trip to New York in 2004. Since then she has shown and sold work at exhibitions in The Egg Café, The 08 Place, Whitechapel and the Contemporary Urban centre. Jackie’s fascination with architectural styles features largely in her work, and Urban detail is no exception. Images taken in favourite cities around the world are subjected to Stevens’ unique treatment for this major project.

The photographs are taken with the end product in mind, but on-screen filters and enhancements are used to bring the vision to life, highlighting the tiniest details in the iconic buildings she loves to capture. She admits to a pre-occupation with angular viewpoints, almost turning some images into geometric abstracts, while using layers of fading and colour with others to drag the buildings out from their natural environment to create a world of vivid illusion.

New York will always be a favourite for Stevens’ work, and couldn’t be left out of this show. Sydney, Melbourne, Barcelona and Edinburgh also have a major role, but the star is her home town of Liverpool, with it’s iconic waterfront and stunning skyline which has undergone a major metamorphosis since she returned home in 2001.

All work is for sale and admission is free.

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Chrysler Gargoyle – Jackie Stevens


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