Dot Art: Still – Lisa Langan

8th – 31st October 2012


Lisa Langan is an Irish artist now settled in Merseyside, who graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork with a degree in Fine Art in 1993. Her expressive paintings are always based on things personal to her, be it friends, objects or experiences. This new exhibition for the dot-art Showroom, entitled “Still”, explores the theme of the self in society.


The exhibition is split into three sets of work, each of which attempt to investigate, describe or examine the character of an absent figure. The artist says:



“In my chair studies I wanted to depict moments of isolation and the stillness that an empty chair can bring to a room. The objects on the chair hint towards a presence of somebody yet there is a loneliness. There is nobody visible ”


“In my shoe series, I have tried to illustrate a little about the person who owns them, by the type of shoe presented. I introduced different fabrics to explore colour and to keep each painting different from one another, especially where a shoe colour might be the same. The shoes are arranged the same way on the canvas to give them a sameness for when all the paintings are put together.”


“In my still life studies ,on paper, I tried to capture shots of time. Similar to how a camera works, I set up objects as though they were found this way and transferred the image using paint onto paper. Mostly they interpret a section of someone’s busy life.”


The exhibition is open to the public from 12-6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment, at dot-art, 16 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX. Please call 0845 017 6660 or see for more information or to make an appointment. All work is for sale and admission is free.