dot-art Showroom: Snowdonia – Photographs by Craig Magee

13 August – 28 September

Open 12.00 – 18.00 Monday – Friday & by appointment

Admission: Free

Craig is a freelance photographer based in Liverpool. The main focus of his work is architectural and landscape photography, both for personal projects and commercial clients. This exhibition for the dot-art showroom is a collection of personal images from around the North Wales and Snowdonia area; it is his representation of a unique and stunning landscape. Each image is an attempt to convey the feeling of the location through use of light, colour and form.

He says: “I feel North Wales is like no other place really, when you consider the mix of landscapes that are contained in such a relatively small area. Snowdonia is probably my favourite place ever, the imposing rocky peaks of Ogwen valley and the copper ore blue river beds of Coed-y-Brenin, the places I enjoy visiting the most”

Craig takes a traditional approach to photography; each of these stunning images is shot on Kodak film with a 4×5″ large format camera. This gives each work it’s incredible amount of detail and rendition of colour that can’t be matched with digital. He also feels it is a much more satisfying way of working;

“A slower, more methodical method, as opposed to the often rushed feeling shooting digital provides with its instant results. While each image is a record of maybe only a few seconds of time, at most. Every image is a reminder of a longer moment, the time spent looking for the shot, setting up the camera, then waiting, maybe up to an hour,  for that decisive moment to press the shutter release.”

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