Dot Art – See Art – James Lavott

imageSee Art – James Lavott
6 July 2009 onwards
at Optimark. Bold Street
After the success of 2008’s “See Art” series at Optimark, dot-art is delighted to return to the venue with an exciting exhibition of work by Warrington based artist James Lavott, running throughout the summer.


The “See Art” series is designed to encourage more people to “See Art” by local artists in an accessible and friendly environment. By utilising a city centre opticians, the artists involved have a fantastic platform from which to promote their work, while allowing people who perhaps would not visit an art gallery, engage with original art as part of their daily lives.

James Lavott presents a selection of his paintings from the vibrant and colourful “Wine Bar Scenes”.  The pieces are inspired by the hustle and bustle that usually accompanies dining out at Wine Bars or Restaurants.  Dining out is usually a very pleasurable experience that consists of a myriad of external influences firing our senses, the clatter and chink of glasses, crockery and cutlery, the smells sights and sounds.  Our attention may be focused intently on a partner, in which case the ambience affects us subliminally, or specific observations can focus our attentions more directly. The scenes within the series of paintings are constructed from a number of sketches and ideas that are transferred to the canvas.  A technique of layered pallet knife application, and more often than not removal, develops the vibrancy and movement.  Specific areas of focus are developed using brush work which, in contrast to the knife application, helps create the subliminal and focussed experiences.  Regardless of the subject matter, the artwork remains fluid and presents things as they are experienced rather than viewed.

Also on display are two further pieces demonstrating the artist’s range and versatility. The first is a portrait of Stephen Fry, one of the UK’s leading satirist; which is presented in a manner that incorporates not only a likeness to his physical being but also reference to his bi-polar circumstance.  The second piece, “Pole Dancers & Their Admirers” was painted in May 2009 in oils on canvas and drew inspiration from Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.” This piece brings together the semi figurative style of the Bar Scenes with a certain amount of realism.

All work is for sale.


Optimark Opticians

Address: 72 Bold Street, Liverpool
Opens: 6 days a week.  Admission is free.

Please see or call 0845 0176660 for more details.