Dot Art – Paul Shiers: Translucence and Saturation

paul-shiers-100Paul Shiers: Translucence and Saturation
15 March – 23 April 2010

dot-art’s Spring show features a new collection of abstract work by Wirral
based painter Paul Shiers . These vibrant, dramatic and multi-layered works embrace a variety of media and techniques, exploiting the possibilities and qualities of acrylic paint but also introducing elements of enamel, oil and watercolour for specific effects.

It is Paul’s opinion that abstract art is the most free form of painting on canvas.  Forming ideas for paintings from a variety of different sources, he enjoys the experimental side of painting using lots of different techniques to gain a satisfactory conclusion to a piece of work.  He says this of the inspiration behind his work:

“In the world we find ourselves today, there are images everywhere.  Just seeing the way that two colours are placed together anywhere in nature or artificially can spark the beginnings of an idea which forms the basis of a painting.  Most of the time I am not trying to paint something that exists, but rather to paint something that is totally unique.  Image making can be performed much more satisfactorily by a camera.”

Translucence and saturation are the most important parts of the painting. The composition is often of secondary importance as the artist attempts to make each layer see through to the next and yet come through on its own.

All work is for sale.  Admission is free.

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Paul Shiers


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