Dot-art – Paintings by Susan Lee Brown

susan-brown-100Paintings by Susan Lee Brown
21 March – 29 April 2011

dot-art’s Spring exhibition features the work of Susan Lee Brown, an American artist who studied Fine Art at the University of California. Now Liverpool based, her style reflects the dynamics and inspiration of the city.

After several very successful exhibitions during Liverpool’s Independents Biennial 2010,   the artist has created new work based on experiences during the year. This includes a pilgrims walk along the Camino de Santiago and numerous days around England as well as local scenes. The heat and light of the Camino has inspired a palette of rich ochres and black shadows which continues into other paintings including a depiction of an English harbour in the early morning and a toy boat. These paintings are produced in a traditional style using oil paint on canvas.

As well as this more established style of work,  there is continuing work developing the use of less conventional mediums. Using Hammerite, with it’s unique properties, to depict water, Susan has created stunning and unusual work that has to be seen to be appreciated.

She says:
Living on a coastline means that beach scenes and depictions of water feature quite a lot in my work. I work mainly in oils but Hammerite has lately figured large as both a medium and background, as it’s reflective, translucent and often unpredictable nature can create unique effects.”

All work is for sale and admission is free.

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Susan Brown