Dot Art – Michael Kirby: The Decay Series

michael-kirby-01-100Michael Kirby –  The Decay Series
25 January – 5 March 2010

dot-art’s first show of 2010 showcases the work of talented Liverpool artist Michael Kirby, who has produced a series of paintings, not just about decay as depicted literally in these works, but concerned with human decay, both physical and spiritual. Do we really think about the future, about death and what that means to us as individuals?

Michael was born in Liverpool in 1956, he studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Wigan school of Art, but after two years he decided to leave and moved to London where he worked as a freelance Illustrator. In a career spanning 25 years he has worked for most of the major advertising agencies in the capital.

Since moving back to Liverpool in 2002 he has concentrated on developing his painting. His main interests are landscape, whether urban or country and the depiction of the human figure. His main influences are Sargent, Alfred Munnings and Lucien Freud.

Michael says the following about these thought provoking paintings:
“The world deteriorates, humanity decays, but do we consider the consequences? We see this deterioration every day in the fabric of our inner city structures. We give such significance to them, yet they all fall away to nothing. The series, by using buildings as a focal point, aims to ignite a thought process: a thought process that will lead to the suggestion of there being something more permanent than this finite existence.”

All work is for sale.  Admission is free.

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Michael Kirby “Decay No.1”


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