Dot Art – Liverpool Encore Presents: Liverpool Encore 
16 March – 24 April 2009
We are delighted to announce a new group show at dot-art, Queen Avenue, Castle Street; featuring work by 24 local artists.  Liverpool Encore celebrates the continuation and strength of quality of Liverpool’s cultural scene and achievements, through each individual artist’s interpretation of the city.

The work on show, which encompasses painting, drawing and photography; has been selected to highlight the successful artists and events of 2008, but also underline the ongoing energy and cultural activity in the city and continue the momentum generated by our Capital of Culture year.

Artists involved include: Alan McKernan, Faith Bebbington, Jane Adams, Val and Doug Robinson, David Reilly, John Sutherst, Sophie Green, Bev Evans, Colin Hutson, Stephanie De Leng, Stephen Whithead, Susan Aigelsreiter, Ken Lewis, John Ford, Simon Birtall, Richard Pryke, Frank Linnett, Susan Finch, Grahame Ashcroft, Barbara Watterson, Gary Beach, Claire McCarthy, Neil Crawford and Martin Jones.

All work is for sale, with prices starting under £100.

The exhibition is open to the public at dot-art, 16 Queen Avenue, Castle Street
12-6pm Monday – Friday and by appointment from Monday 16th March to Friday 24th April.

Please see or call 0845 0176660 for more details.

Venue details