Dot Art – Green Mersey

imageGreen Mersey
5 May – 5 June 2009
Featuring work by six local artists: four painters and two photographers, Green Mersey is a collection of work celebrating the green spaces on our doorstep in Liverpool’s Year of the Environment 2009. 

After the success of our previous “Liverpool Encore” show, this exhibition continues the local focus, but look at a side of the city and it’s surrounding area that is often overlooked. Liverpool has: 10 City Parks, 14 District Parks, 46 Neighbourhood Parks, 45 Playgrounds and 4 Local Nature Reserves.  We are incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful parks, gardens and other fantastic outdoor spaces available to us, but it is easy to take them for granted.

Green Space, a registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces, tells us that among the many benefits that parks and gardens bring to the community, their impact on the environment is also significant:

“[Parks]… beautify our urban landscapes, and help to secure a more sustainable environment by counteracting pollution, reducing water run off and flood problems, and by providing precious habitats that support delicate ecosystems.”

Artists involved: Susan Aigelsreiter, Andrew Collin, Martin Jones, Joe Thompson, Val and Doug Robinson and Stephanie de Leng.  All work is for sale.

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