Dot-art Gallery – “Larger Than Life” Exhibition by Bev Evans

bev-Beetle-on-a-petal-100“Larger Than Life” Exhibition by Bev Evans
9 August – 17 September 2010 Presents: “Larger Than Life”
Exhibition by Bev Evans. Liverpool based photographer Bev has created a series of ten works for this summer exhibition at dot-art. Five depict details from the natural world and five highlight the beauty of man made objects, but all celebrate the hidden and unnoticed minutia of everyday life.

Bev studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Liverpool and Stoke on Trent, gaining a BA (Hons) in 1984, but has been involved with photography from an early age, taking her first pictures when she was just seven. Here she describes her inspiration for these works:

“From day to day there are so many things that we never ever notice, sometimes because they are not easily visible to the naked eye but more often than not it is just that we don’t think, for one minute, that they might be there in the first place. I have always been intrigued by the hidden qualities of objects – discovering something that was there all the time when you’d had absolutely no idea of its existence. The opportunity to look into this further can quite often reveal an aspect as fascinating as ornate architectural structure, other times it shows you a pattern through reflected light which in turn creates a completely abstract view and gives the subject a whole new identity.”

“These hidden features occur in all manner of natural forms but can be seen just as prolifically in man-made objects too, ranging from the tiny dimpled button on top of a dandelion parachute to the welded structure of a rotary whisk, the exotic and symmetrical pattern on a tiny 2mm long beetle to the reflected light and patterns in a bottle of foamy multi-surface cleaner, from the extreme stickiness of honeysuckle buds to the heavy-duty construction of a guitar string, the fibrous and woven layers protecting a garlic bulb and the translucent stained-glass quality of a strawberry sweet, an unopened snowdrop that wouldn’t look out of place in a bowling alley and the way the waxed paintwork of a car causes water droplets to form in 3 or 4 distinct size… there is a surprise every time. Discovery of these things leads us to another world and although it’s always there, it’s something we seldom get the chance to see.”

All work is for sale, starting from just £75.  Admission is free.

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Bev Evans ‘Exotic Symmetry’