Dot-art Gallery – Colouration by Journeyboy

colouration-100Dot-art Gallery presents: Colouration by Journeyboy
27 September – 5 November 2010

Colouration: noun 1. arrangement or scheme of colour, colouring, 2. character or tone especially of music. This selection of works unveils new ideas and directions within the Journeyboy theme; the single illustrative canvases have opened into abstract and comic-strip formats, showing chaotic processes before a major canvas is painted along with ideas to be explored for future panels & individual canvases.

Journeyboy is a Manchester based artist who has been exhibiting across the North West and the wider UK for the past ten years. He has a particular fascination with the art of the imagination, producing a series of work and subsequent solo show entitled “Landscape to Mind-scape” in 2001.  This new work builds on these themes while emphasising the role of colour; diverse influences producing new and surprising results:

“My paintings are based upon landscape, indeed it is the landscape – mindscape relation and the connection between the two that is the core of my work. Other influences do play their part as well – cave painting and the psychological approach to it by the hunter/artists; the music of Joy Division; the filmic structure and emotive colour significance of Tantra- all combined with the surrounding suburban sprawl and rural desolation of far-flung places in the British Isles.”

“These new works also utilise colour juxtaposing for optical effect and geometric patterns – namely page layouts in the Book of Kells – transferred into comic strip structures, allowing me to work out hues and tones that clash, harmonise and ultimately invoke a mood with each work. Content remains the same – misty locations in hot & cooler climates; imposing stone structures scattered throughout the landscapes; soft sensual foliage that would rustle in a slow gentle breeze, that you would feel on your hands & face as you enter into the scenery…”

All work is for sale and admission is free.

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