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roy-dot-art-100Approaches to Landscape
7 December 2009 – 15 January 2010

This new show features work by three established landscape painters: Simon Birtall, Joe Thompson and Roy Munday, all based in Merseyside, and explores the different approaches taken by each when representing the landscapes around them.

Simon Birtall‘s painting technique has developed over the years, from initial studies of the work of the Impressionists and Post Impressionists to subsequent influences such as Sargent and Brangwyn. He says this of his work:

“The content of my landscape paintings are dictated less by the actual subject per se than by colours, textures, geometric forms and, most importantly, shadows and light. The actual use of, or geographical location of, a building or natural landscape is the least important part of the decision-making process. Like the Impressionists, my chief concerns are with the effects of light. Unlike the Impressionists, I work almost exclusively from photographs.”

“My most successful pieces are those with a strong light-source, casting prominent shadows and heightening colours. They present a recognisable, representative image for viewers at a distance, but on close inspection embrace an abstract quality, with an array of colours from lights to darks, warm to cool, applied in small brushstrokes over several layers. The ethos of my approach to landscape is that, to the human eye, nothing consists of solely one colour. ”

Roy Munday has a very distinctive style of painting, often employing vibrant colours and dramatic skies, inspired by the dawn and dusk light.

“My approach to landscape has changed over recent years. Initially my aim in painting a landscape was to recreate it faithfully, almost photographically. Now, the landscape is a starting point and I’m more concerned in letting the paint and the painting process make a statement. Yes, the landscape is recognisable but my intention now is to think more about how can I exploit the use of paint to take the landscape beyond a mere photographic image.”

From his early days copying his fathers sketches, to his recent large scale works featuring his travel in the Goan region of India – Joe Thompson has produced works from all stages of his life and travels, reflecting on his time spent in the Scots guards as a teenager, through his working life in and around Liverpool. His influences include the Impressionists and Post Impressionists, listing Monet and Van Gogh as his particular favourites. He also has a great deal of admiration for Bosch and Dali.

All work is for sale with prices starting at £85.  Admission is free.

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‘Morden Hall Park
‘ Simon Birtall


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