Dot-art – ‘Learn to Drive and Everything’ An Exhibition by Howard Gardener


9 May – 24 June 2011 at Dot-art Gallery “Learn to Drive and Everything” An Exhibition by Howard Gardener
The discipline of his days as a graphic designer has left an indelible mark on Howard Gardener’s work. Both his detailed pen and ink drawings and his three-dimensional paper sculptures reflect his obsession with form and a reluctance to acknowledge boundaries. A selection of works in both media will be on display at dot-art from the ninth of May.

Howard’s drawings are predominantly pen and ink, with oils, acrylic and watercolour being thrown liberally into the mix. His finely wrought paper sculptures reflect the Bauhaus principle that “there is no essential difference between the artists and the craftsmen” and reveal the same interest in precision that is evident in his drawings. The artist says:

“I see all art as a continuum. As a musician, what might start off as a song lyric or even a particularly memorable phrase can often inspire a drawing or a sculpture, which will then tend to adopt a life of its own. Usually my pictures involve a story and some element of portraiture: to me, people are much more interesting than bowls of fruit”.

His lifelong fascination with words can be seen in the titles that he uses for his work.
“I always try to distil the essence of the piece: a mundane title is a missed opportunity”.

He held his first solo exhibition in Chester in 2005 and, having committed himself to his art full-time in 2008, has since exhibited at the Threadneedle Prize in London and at Galerie8, also in London, where some of his more recent sculptures will be shown later this year.

All work is for sale and admission is free.

Image (top) by Howard Gardener