Dot Art – Frank Linnett ‘Synthesis of Recollection’

Synthesis-of-Recollection-100Frank Linnett ‘Synthesis of Recollection’
21 June – 30 July 2010

Frank Linnett is a well established Liverpool based artist, who has been exhibiting regionally and nationally for over 25 years. This series of new oil paintings, entitled Synthesis of Recollection and shown for the first time at dot-art, continues to explore the artist’s ongoing interest in combining real and imagined worlds and experiences.
The series of ten paintings are based on things experienced, bringing together elements of the natural landscape and man-made structures that have been recalled and reconfigured through a synthesis of observation and imagination.

Frank talks about his working process and subject matter:
“Working on the premise that all things are useful when decanting influences
into a visual form, allows me to exploit a variety of disparate subject
matter for my own ends. It is important that there are visible references to
real things in my painting even if they in themselves do not reflect a
definite reality. Everything goes into the mix and is made visible on the
canvas. Hence there are references to historical events and hints at social
comment and contemporary issues; straightforward studies from the everyday
and of imaginary landscapes. Each of these is a response to what has
happened or is happening and can be linked on a subconscious level to the
need to react to an impulse.”

All work is for sale.  Admission is free.

The exhibition is open to the public from 12-6pm Monday to Friday and by
appointment, at dot-art, 16 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX.
Please call 0845 017 6660 or see for more information or to
make an appointment.

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Frank Linnett ‘Synthesis of Recollection’”