Domino Gallery: The Darkening Green, Teresa Wilson


Exhibition from 13 July

A sculpture installation for the Domino Gallery, 11 Upper Newington, Liverpool, L1 2SR.


The Darkening Green follows on from an Arts Council funded installation, The Ecchoing Green, commissioned by the Barnaby Festival at the King Edward Street Chapel, Macclesfield. The installation at Domino Gallery is an ʻechoʼ of this previous show and combines some of the work installed there with new work. The starting point for the installation at Domino Gallery is the last line of William Blakeʼs poem The Ecchoing Green from his Songs of Innocence & Experience 1794. The poem, which at first seems to be a joyful description of families enjoying themselves on a village green, ends on a dark note. Why is the green echoing? And is Blake talking prophetically about an idyllic time that is coming to an end and mourning the loss of village life?

As Richard Holmes suggests in his introduction to The Songs, the illustrations of trees, brambles and vines that Blake used in his border designs suggest ʻ…a whole range of ideas about growth, freedom, containment, fruitfulness, entanglement and menaceʼ. The installation explores these ideas in a physical context and at the same time reflecting the history of the building in which Domino Gallery is housed. One of three in a row, it survived the heavy bombing of Liverpool by Germany during WW2 whereas its two neighbouring houses were destroyed in the raids.



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