Runs until Saturday 23 April 2016
Viewing Thursday 24 March 2016, 19.00 -21.00

A Selection of Photographs by Jennie Keegan

As part of my masters in creative education, I wanted to rediscover my role as creative practitioner and develop my own personal projects in relation to image making.

I have always been interested in subjects related to the past and nostalgia as an open topic and have created a selection of images from different projects.

In ‘memories of home’, I explored scannography, focusing on Irish women who have emigrated to England and the objects which have a familiarly of home, whatever they may be. As part of this recording, I created portraits of the people who participated and found these were more visually interesting. Some look like they are slowly fading away, nearly submersed in water and the images created changed depending on the quality of light.

Another part of project was exploring my own childhood and the places which evoke this feeling of nostalgia, looking at double exposure, were images are slightly distorted and depth of field is experimented to highlight colour and texture.

These techniques extended to old buildings in particular the old blind school in Liverpool and art deco cinemas in the North West.


Jennie Keegan Photographs at Domino Gallery
Jennie Keegan Photographs at Domino Gallery