Curve – Placide: Colors Freedom

imagePlacide: ‘Colors Freedom’
Exhibition: 11 to 19 July 2008

Curve Gallery presents their first International Artist for 2008.
Placide is a painter concerned with cultural intermarriage: West Indies, Africa, and Europe. Working with musicians, actors and dancers she develops her creativity, “je suis en perpétuel devenir.”
Her work moved towards performance in 2000 and in 2004 she performed a piece
entitled ‘the Black angel’ by the Brazilian author Nelson Rodriguez.
She realises her vision, pictorially as gestural work in narrow collaboration with
percussionniste and comediennes. Movement takes a dominate place within her work,
using movement and gesture to embrace the painting physically.
Michel Battle, French painter, speaks about her “accidental art”, art stemming from
fusions of culture to perturb the western thought.
The exhibition ‘Colours Freedom’ will offer the public an exclusive one night only
performance to live music and the first opportunity to see an exhibition of paintings
inspired by colour and movement whilst delivering a powerful contemporary cultural