Curve – I Dwell in Possibility

imageI dwell in possibility. Exhibition 26 September – 4 October 2008
Viewing Thursday 25 Sept 18-21.00

Hannah Fray, Joe Bampton & Emily Speed explore relationships between architecture and homelessness, memory & personal space.


imageCurve Gallery opens its 2008 Biennial with a powerhouse group show. Three artists who are currently gaining national recognition, will exhibit their most recent work.

The sculptural nature of Emily Speed’s work she calls immaterial architecture that plots out her personal identity. Her work is concerned with the enduring sense of memory that is often embedded into built space.

Hannah Fray’s work consistently uses portraiture to explore the characteristics of the person by fragmentation of the image.

The enigmatic Joe Bampton will continue to constuct intimate worlds with unrecognisable dimensions.