C.U.C. – Vue Sur Quebec

imageVue sur Québec: Manifestation internationale d’Art de Québec, in partnership with Jump Ship Rat
Exhibition: 20 September – 2 November 2008
Vue sur Québec showcases eleven artists, each of them featured in previous Québec City biennials. In addition to the exhibition at the Contemporary Urban Centre, three billboard works on Leece Street and street performances by BGL complete the show.

imageThe work of these artists from Québec responds to Liverpool Biennials theme of MADE UP. Works in this Biennial – as well as recent work of many quebecois artists – are those that explore themes of allusion and ambiguity; evoking life, happiness and a life force that also means to enter and reveal places of paradox and contradiction. In Liverpool, a focus on exploration and subversion of everyday life is particularly favoured, whether it be objects or images confined within the self, found, smuggled or derived from signification.

Pop aesthetics (Gabriel Routhier) and re-use of the language of advertising (Doyon/Rivest), urban interventions (BGL, Ana Rewakowicz), assisted ready-mades (Jean-Marc Mathieu-Lajoie and Diane Landry), pictorial work (Thierry Arcand-Bossé) and re-invented drawing (François Chevalier) are among the strands that weave a coherent body of work marked by a unique cultural heritage. Playfulness sometimes conceals a caustic or nostalgic approach, humour disguises an uneasiness, a doubt. The distinctive visual languages used by each of the artists offer an intriguing opportunity to explore the issues and ideas behind these theatrical displays full of verbal and visual puns and shifts in meaning.