C.U.C. – On the Edge

imageOn the Edge
15 May  – 28 June 2009
“On the Edge” is an exhibition Curated by Anna Marie Quinn, which seek to question and examine events, or histories that cause the participating artist’s to reflect. The artist’s use these events or experiences, which have influenced and inform their practise.
From one of mankind’s most ancient means of expression, mark-making; the works by Derek Culley examine memories in a landscape forged by nature and history through to the Digital exploration of the process of ageing by Ian Gamestar, presented in that most immediate of mediums accessible in our contemporary world, the TV Screen.

Tim Fielding‘s work (video installation)  ‘Pavlova Goes Pop!’ is based on the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova performing Saint-Saëns Dying Swan.  Worn out by touring and the stress of performing she died of pneumonia in 1931, aged just 51.  According to legend, her last words were to her dresser telling her to get her Dying Swan costume ready.  The piece explores visual language through human gesture, fragility and symbolism.

Traces and remnants of atmospheric spaces, personal spaces and situations, diaries, books, rooms, what’s left behind, build into Mary Fitzpatrick‘s work a labyrinth of hectic motion and reflection executed through her photographic images.

Anna Marie Quinn‘s installation is an expression of a life long investigation into conventions, which she continually explores and re-examines. “The Brides Journey” questions whether marriage is the beginning of a journey or the end of a special relationship shaped by convention and social commitments charged with false expectations.

Eilish Culley shares her love of photography within the exhibition, exploring an endless display of decay with an inherent beauty found in largely ignored images. Nature and decay are both great architects where Eilish explores the random choice of Found materials and rubbish, allowing her response to inform the work.

Peter Crompton’s performance poetry has been a multiple slam winner. Crompton’s need to express emotion is brought to reality through his passionate performances. Peter will perform at the private view alongside two of his favourite guest poets.  During the six week exhibition Peter and friends will perform, dates to follow. 


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Photograph: ‘On the Edge’ by Eilish Culley