C.U.C. – Migration

imageRed Dot  and Novas Arts ‘Migration’ exhibition. 12 Dec 2008 – ENDS 11 January 2009 (Extended from 9th) 25 members of Red Dot will present many diverse themes and aspects of migration through painting, photography, multi-media installations, sound and music installations, lighting installations and sculpture.

Liverpool visual arts organisation Red Dot, in partnership with Novas Arts, are staging an exhibition over the Christmas and New Year period on the theme of migration.

It will take place in the Connolly Gallery in the impressive setting of the Contemporary Urban Centre building based on Greenland Street in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool.

These themes and aspects of migration will be related, among others, to the plight of refugees and asylum seekers – not only in the UK but on a global scale –as well as to the movement of people across land boundaries due to war or famine; and the plight of refugees or asylum seekers who have had to flee their country of origin as a result of state oppression.




Other themes and aspects covered in the show will be the mass movement of people to another land on a permanent basis, for example, the Irish to the Americas; the passage of animals, fish, insects and birds from one region to another for feeding or breeding purposes; and the migration of music – the way music crosses land boundaries, for example, the influence of American blues traditions into different styles of music.

Artists taking part are Jane Fairhurst, Alison Bailey Smith, Sue Milburn, Colin Serjent, Susan Sharples, Christine Wilson, Eimear Kavanagh, Leon Jakeman,  Nathan Pendlebury, Richard Ashworth, Barbara Jones, Wendy Williams, Louise Waller,  Alice Lenkiewicz, Louise Spellacy Michelle Hird, Neil Winterburn, John O’Neill, Carl Fletcher,Nicola Bartos,  Jon Nash, Pui Lee,  Alan Mckernan,  Sarah Nicholson, Ken Bullock and Georgina Ravenscroft.

The Novas Scarman Group are the main sponsors of the exhibition.

‘Migration’ runs from 12 December until 9 January.  Opening times are
Wed-Sat 11am – 6pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm  Admission is free.

A private view of the exhibition takes place on Thursday 11 December
 6pm – 9-0pm..  All are welcome to attend.  There will be a post private view social event at the Jamaica Rooms (next door to the CUC) from 9pm.

For more information about the show telephone Colin Serjent
077 5952 5075 or email colinserjent@hotmail.com

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