C.U.C. – Liverpool International Artists. ENDS 15 Nov

imageLiverpool International Artists. Exhibition 20 September – 15 November 2008
A British Art and Design Association project inspired and curated by the Liverpool born artist Terry Duffy. The exhibition comprises an eclectic mix of painting, photography, sculpture, film and installation and tackles themes including urban cultural diversity, homelessness, alienation, sexuality as well as love, passion and spirituality.

Terry Duffy said: “My ambition with this show is to raise the awareness and profile of talented artists associated with Liverpool who are producing work of international quality. Its time we realised the quality of work on our doorstep especially during this year as European Capital of Culture.”

imageAmong the 20 artists showing is Simon Yorke, who creates large-scale iconic monochrome portraits of the homeless in a series of paintings of Big Issue vendors.

Joe Bampton deals with illusion and the built environment, using the notion of interiors as vessels for memory and imagination.

Jennie Cunningham’s enigmatic, ethereal and spiritual installation weaves together film-making, sound–recording and print-making to examine issues surrounding personal identity.

Mark Willcox produces huge colour saturated, semi-abstract images, commemorating the fatal 1987 Kings Cross London Underground fire, which, in a ‘coming-of-age’, passes its 21st anniversary during the Independents 08 programme.


“I hope this show will become an annual event and begin to foster a progressive realisation of Liverpool creative talent”, Terry Duffy 2008.

1. Mark Willcox: Photography
2. Jennie Cunningham: Installation Inter-disciplinary
3. Robyn Woolston: Installation
4. Amanda Oliphant: Installation/Mixed Media
5. Josh Tennant: TV Installation
6. Chiz Turnross Installation/Painting
7. Mary Fitzpatrick: Photography
8. Richard Meaghan: Paintings
9. Claire Weetman: Installation
10. Rob Davies: Paintings
11. Jon Pountain: Paintings
12. Katie Beales: Installation/sculpture
13. Simon Yorke: Paintings
14. Sacha Waldron: Sculpture
15. Susan Meyerhoff Sharples: Sculpture
16. Craig Atkinson: Paintings
17. Joe Bampton: Sculpture
18. Neal Munro Peebles: Paintings
19. Donna Berry: Mixed Media
20. Stephen White: Sculpture
21. Mike Collier: Paintings
22. Leon Jakeman: Mixed Media
23. Jay Yung: Video/Mixed Media Installation
24. Marina Moreno: Installation
25. Emma Tooth: Paintings
26. Julie Henry: Projection