C.U.C. – Homotopia: Laurie Lipton

lipton-100Homotopia: Laurie Lipton “Extraordinary Drawings”
4 November 2009 – 7 January 2010 (Extended)

This exhibition premieres Laurie Lipton’s most recent output, alongside a selection of drawings from her archives to create one of the most comprehensive displays of Lipton’s work ever to be seen in the UK.

Stemming from the tradition of Goya, Memling and Bosch – Laurie’s work is timelessly classic yet relentlessly topical. Lipton owns a fertile intellectual curiosity and fearlessness that she transforms into exquisitely rendered charcoal & graphite paintings.

Yes.. paintings. To call these pieces “drawings” does not convey the amount of work, texture and time put into each one. Her work is rendered with the excruciating black and white nightmare quality of a Diane Arbus photo.

Born in New York, Laurie was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honours).

Fresh from her exhibition at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair in New York and a stint at The Saatchi Gallery, Laurie Lipton brings her provocative imagery to the Contemporary Urban Centre, as part of the Homotopia festival.

Homotopia website: www.homotopia.net


‘The Sweets Seller’ Laurie Lipton


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