C.U.C. – Go Pink & Blue 09

imageGo Pink & Blue 09
29 May – 19 July 2009

Following the success of Go Pink 08, Novas Contemporary Urban Centre are again supporting this year’s exhibition.  Over 70 local artists are donating their work to raise awareness & funds for male & female related cancer charities.

The new ground floor gallery at the CUC will be filled with a pink and blue collection of creativity in various mediums and art forms.Paintings – Photography – Sculpture – Jewellery – Prints, donated by local artists and personalities from radio & television, supporting awareness for Female & Male specific cancer charities – Breast Cancer – Cervical Cancer – Prostate Cancer – Testicular Cancer.

Artists include:
Julie Anderson, Richard Bannister, Anthony Barrow, Eileen Bridge, Tess Bridges, Maria Bunnage, Carmel Brooks, Kelly Broughton, Alison Carling, Emma Carling, Em Coombes, Alex Corina, Derek Culley, Dorothy Culshaw, Rita Da Costa, Rhonda Davies, Tara Dean, Julie Dodd, Kieron Finnetty, Paul R Francis, Lynn Fraser, Karen Gilbert, Helene Marie Gilmore, Emma Gregory, Tim Harris, Barbara Harrison, Angela Hinchcliffe, Daniel John, Nick Jones, Paul Jones, Terrence Kane, Neil Keating, Tony Kennedy, Jain Koffler, Jen Kweeday, Jen Langford, Shannon Ledbetter, Tracy Lewis, Alison Little, George Lund, Mary Lundquist, Phillip Marsden, Marie McGowan, John McNally, Louise Morgan, Paddy Mounter, Jen Newton, Sara Nicholson, Helen Palma, Nathan Pendlebury, Mojedeh Piri Pirnagh, Carol Ramsey, Tony Roberts, Neil Robertson, Micheline Robinson, Laura Sharp, Stephanie Sharp, Maxine Shisselle, Maria Shuttleworth, Martin Spears, Jane Spencer, Elaine Stapleton, Jackie Stevens, Gaynor Sweeney, David Symonds, Rachel Taylor, Adam Vaughan, Joseph Venning, Lisa Vingoe, Lisa Waldman, Louise Waller, John Westdorp, Wendy Williams, Christine Wilson, Felicity Wren, Simon Yorke

Proceeds from the exhibition will be divided between breast/cervical cancer & prostate/testicular cancer charities.

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