C.U.C. – FIS 09

imageFIS 09
10 July – 23 August 2009
The title FIS meaning “Vision” allows an open approach to the personal vision of the artist.  The chosen artists all adopt a sensitive approach to their work.  The majority of the aritsts are living in rural communities which creates an atmosphere of quiet contemplation.  While three of the artists Una Sealy and David Quinn and Emma Berkery live in urban environments they each approach their subject matter from an outside perspective.

Eamon Colman is delighted to select the artists’ for this year’s FIS exhibition.  The thinking behind this show was to juxtapose artists working in an abstract manner with artists whose work is figurative.  While some of the invited artists cross this divide Alan Counihan for one exhibits drawings of large scale “time rings” of trees which works on both levels.  The evident attention to detail is observed in both a figurative and abstract manner.

Some of the artists have chosen to use photographs as a way of observing and documenting the world around them.  The media used amongst the invited artists ranges from painting, photography and drawing.  Each artist demonstrates their vision through their chosen media and processes used.

Participating artists:
Gypsy Rae
Phoebe Cope
Elizabeth Cope
Una Sealy
Emma Berkery
Martin Campbell
Eamon Colman (Aosdána)
Alan Counihan
Derek Culley
Ger Casey
David Quinn
Tolleck Winner ARSA (Guest Artist)

Curated by Eamon Colman, a member of Aosdána

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EmmaBerkery “Portrait of a Daring Adventure”, 2008