C.U.C. – Fellow Travellers

Exhibition ImageFellow Travellers. Exhibition 20 September – 30 November 2008
A continuously evolving group exhibition of works by lesbian and gay artists.


Artists: Sadie Lee, Matthew Stradling, Laurie Lipton, Nick Hunt, Asa Johannesson, David Hoyle, Sarah Plescia, Chris Turrell, Holly Johnson, Trademark, Mandy McCartin, Naive John, Ajamu, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson, Chris Von Steiner

imageFellow Travellers is a continously evolving group exhibition of works by lesbian and gay artists. Much enlarged since its initial outing as ‘Hello Sailor’ during the Liverpool Biennial and Homotopia in 2004, Fellow Travellers visited Salford Museum and Art Gallery in 2007 on the first stop of an itinerary that aims to include a number of international destinations in the future, and to contribute to invite artists from these countries to contribute to the display of works on show.

Renamed to reflect the concept of a touring show of disparate poly-sexual beings, brought together by their desire to make beautiful art that communicates simply and directly to a wide audience by figurative, narrative and aesthetic means,

Fellow Travellers explores issues such as identity, gender, sexuality, race, beauty, morality and mortality in a rich and accessible range of works.