C.U.C. – ‘Decomposition’ by Soup

imageC.U.C. – Decomposition –  A visual art exhibition from artists collective, ‘Soup’
20 August – 30 August 2009

This exhibition celebrates Soup’s status in Liverpool’s year of the environment. The task was to respond to our immediate environment, be it personal or public. To explore the space between our home base and our exhibition venue or more specifically the interpretation by the artist to include their living, working or studio space.

‘Soup’ is the name of a collective of contemporary artists working in diverse artistic disciplines who are all employees with Tate Liverpool. The group also represents leading studios in the city. With Representatives from Red Wire Studio, Elevatior Artists Studios and Arena Studios Gallery, the work features a range of medias – printmaking, painting, ceramics, sculpture and photography.

Exhibiting Artists:
Mike Aitken
Steve Ashton
Katie Halsall
Rachel Harding
Anna Hamilton
Tifany Kendall
Jackie Kerr
Vinnie Lavell
Joe McNulty
Louise Morgan
Jason Richardson
Alice Roberts
Sue Sharples
Roger Sinek
Nick Sykes
Christine Taylor
Roz Vallejo
Adam Vaughan
Louise Waller
Wendy Williams

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